Youth Talent Corner

As promoters of culture and art, we are committed to educate our children and stimulate youth talent. This segment of our site, therefore, features talented and visionary young people.

Ryanne Mone

Fashion: Ryanne Mone Swamy is a 19 year old model, fashion show producer and runway coach. Passionate about fashion, Ryanne has modeled since she was a child. In addition, she decided to step behind the scenes to produce her own fashion shows and that of others. With her skill and commitment, she plans to inspire people to go after their dreams, no matter how challenging their journey maybe. 



Music:  Aaron Exie Triplet is a 16 year old musician. He was diagnosed with chronic asthma, and his doctor recommended that Aaron learn to play a wind instrument to strengthen his lungs. Aaron followed his doctors advice and started playing the flute, then shifting to the saxophone. He is now lead saxophonist in his school’s jazz band and performs at different events. He is a highly gifted musician with a great future. 



Literature:  13-year old Abigail (Tiya) Feleke is a gifted writer/poetess, who authored an anthology, entitled “A poem for a Poem by Me”, published and sold by  It is imperative to foster talented children like Abigail, who prefer reading or writing, instead of being influenced by negative online experiences that hinder their development.